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Convatec 420791 Diamonds (Gelling Agent) bx/100

Diamond deodorant and absorption gelling agent 

In stock

-Diamond deodorant and absorption gelling agent
-100 pcs / box

Can you imagine having no pouch odour? Not even when draining.

Can you imagine a slim and discreet pouch, with gelled contents?

Can you imagine undisturbed sleep, without the need to drain or release gas?

These are just a few of the many benefits that make Diamonds™
so popular amongst ileostomates (and many colostomates) and why they are often included in their ileostomy supplies.

Independent laboratory tests and thorough patient evaluations prove the difference that Diamonds™ can make to your life, increasing comfort, confidence and freshness during ostomy appliance wear and draining.

The patented ActiveOne™ Odour Control and anti-‘ballooning’ control for ostomy bags is integral to every small sachet. So when you drop one into your pouch, you will be confident of ostomy discretion. ‘Ballooning’ of the pouch can increase the risk of leakage. It is caused by excess gas (flatus) which cannot escape from the pouch. 3 out of every 5 ileostomates who evaluated Diamonds™ said that their ‘ballooning’ was either reduced or completely eliminated.

Stoma bag odour control, gelling
...control and 'ballooning'

Frequently Asked Questions
…about ConvaTec Diamonds™

Q1. What are the main benefits of ConvaTec Diamonds™?
A. The main benefits of Ileostomy care supplies are:

Reduced leakage
Reduced frequency of pouch drainage
Reduced/eliminated pouch odour - stoma bag odour control
Reduced/eliminated ‘ballooning’ (excess flatus)
Increased comfort
Improved body image
Reduced pouch noise
Q2. What is the primary function of ConvaTec Diamonds™?

A. To improve many of the clinical and psychological outcomes frequently experienced by ileostomates. This is achieved by:

Gelling pouch contents
Reducing/eliminating pouch odour - stoma bag odour control
Reducing/eliminating ‘ballooning’ (excess flatus)
Q3. How is ConvaTec Diamonds™ supplied?

A. In a sealed, easy-to-open jar containing:

100 dissolvable sachets
One convenient zip-lock ‘day bag’
Instructions For Use leaflet (in 12 languages)
Q4. Is ConvaTec Diamonds™ patented?

A. Yes.
Q5. How should I store ConvaTec Diamonds™?

A. Store in a cool dry place. When travelling store in the convenient zip-lock day pack. Please read Instructions For Use leaflet.

Q6. What is the shelf-life of ConvaTec Diamonds™?

A. 4 years from date of manufacture, if unopened.

Q7. What device category is ConvaTec Diamonds™?

A. Class I medical device.

Q8. Is ConvaTec Diamonds™ CE marked?

A. Yes. ConvaTec Diamonds™ is CE marked in accordance with EU directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices.
Q9. What is the cost of ConvaTec Diamonds™ to the patient?

A. ConvaTec Diamonds™ is usually reimbursed through a prescription or insurance system.

…for the patient
Q1. My output is darker than usual. Should I be concerned about this?

A. No. The darker colour and/or black flecks are harmless visible indications of the unique patented ActiveOne™ Odour Control system.

Q2. Sometimes I like to check my output colour for any changes. What should I do?

A. Temporarily discontinue use of ConvaTec Diamonds™ whilst you check your output colour, using a new/clean pouch. Resume use when you are satisfied with your output colour.

Q3. How many ConvaTec Diamonds™ sachets should I use?

A. One sachet is usually adequate. Additional sachets can be used if required.

Q4. Can I open the sachet?

A. No. Insert the whole unopened sachet. Each sachet is designed as a single treatment and should be inserted into your pouch through the drain outlet. If your pouch is new, the sachet can be inserted through the hole in the wafer. The sachet paper is designed to dissolve inside your pouch.

Q5. After use, can I flush my gelled output away as part of my usual routine?

A. Yes, ConvaTec Diamonds™ is designed for use as part of your usual pouch routine. The use of ConvaTec Diamonds™ increases control when draining.

Q6. Can I use ConvaTec Diamonds™ at night?

A. Yes. The unique benefits of ConvaTec Diamonds™ are often ideal for night time use.

Q7. I have a colostomy. Can I use ConvaTec Diamonds™?

A. Yes. If you are experiencing a loose output, ConvaTec Diamonds™ offers the same benefits.

Q8. ConvaTec Diamonds™ did not gel the contents of my pouch?

A. Some foods contain tartaric acid. If excessive amounts of tartaric acid are consumed, they may prevent pouch gelling. Tartaric acid has this effect upon all ostomy gelling products. Foods that contain tartaric acid include wine and grapes.